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CURAPROX CPS «Perio» Handy - Pack of 25

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$2/brush. You're saving $1.19/brush (37%) compared to a regular pack at $15.99.

Ideal for gum disease and larger spaces

25 brushes
25 holders «Handy»

Open interdental spaces
Stubborn plaque

Extra long bristles, extra gentle
Resilient and durable, thanks to stronger wire core
Click system for all holders
It will access a space as small as 1.3 mm and effectively clean a space as large as 5.0 mm

Directions for use:
1. Hold the brush at an angle.
2. Push it in a little, straighten it, push it right through.
3. Pull it out, you’re done.

CPS 405:
Accessibility: >1.3 mm / 
Effectivity: 5.0 mm

CPS 406:
Accessibility: >1.7 mm / Effectivity: 6.5 mm

CPS 408:
Accessibility: >2.2 mm / Effectivity: 8.0 mm

CPS 410:
Accessibility: >2.5 mm / Effectivity: 10.0 mm

Customer Reviews

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Pério 406

Ces brossettes sont parfaites, je les adore! Cependant je n’ai pas reçu ma commande complète, ce qui n’est pas grave en fait puisqu’elle devrait suivre la semaine prochaine mais ma critique serait que je n’ai pas eu d’information sur le fait que j’étais pour ne recevoir qu’un partie de la commande et que le reste arriverait plus tard! C’est dérangeant que le client doive s’informer de ce qui se passe plutôt que d’avoir l’information lors de la première livraison! Ça m’a donné l’impression qu’il y avait eu une erreur de commande et sur le moment c’est stressant parce que je me demandais si j’étais pour avoir du trouble pour recevoir le reste! Il n’y avait qu’une note : brossette. Mais rien sur la suite. Voilà je recommande d’être plus clair et de mentionner la suite, merci!

CURAPROX CPS Perio Handy Pack review

The brushes work great for cleansing in between the teeth where a toothbrush or floss doesn't quite do the job. I had some brown staining in between my teeth that are disappearing after use of the small brushes. They are soft too with a sturdy handle.


CURAPROX CPS «Perio» Handy - Pack of 25

Cleans softly and wonderfully

I have teeth that tend to cumulate a lot of plaque. It hardens and is hard to remove. For 3 years i have been using curaprox teeth brush and interdental brushes. Unfortunately the green one was too small. We handled it by doing a cross method. But plaque was still cumulating. Perio is awsome. It lasts longer because the metal part is sturdy. The bristles are full and all around. The plaque is so much more reduced then before. I feel my teeth and my gums are much cleaner. Better then with the green size and amazingly better then just flossing. :) I miss having the packs with no handles. Its much more ecological and way more cheaper. Unfortunately they stopped selling them. We used to buy a couple with handles and reuse the handles with just the brush pack. I would love it if they brought it back. It would show a company that is environmentally friendly!


Good service, fast delivery but expensive

Recommended & used by dental hygienists!

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