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CURAPROX Black is White

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Why Carbon?

A carbon activated whitening toothpaste

The CURAPROX Black is White toothpaste uses Swiss premium-grade activated carbon (and not an abrasive carbon powder). It naturally and safely absorbs stains and toxins to offer a healthy bright smile!


Can it be harmful for my teeth?

Black is white has a Relative Dentine Abrasivity (RDA) of 76, meaning that it is non-abrasive for your tooth enamel. In comparison, most well-known whitening toothpastes sold currently on the market are classified as highly abrasive (RDA of 100 or more). A regular carbon whitening toothpaste is indeed quite abrasive since it comes in a powder form. Carbon particles are then scrubbing the teeth to whiten it, attacking enamel at the same time. Our toothpaste uses activated carbon, meaning that the carbon we use is completely integrated in the toothpaste itself during the manufacturing process so that no loose particles of carbon can be found. By doing so, the carbon is able to whiten the teeth by absorbing stains instead of scrubbing them.

The Black is White Magic


Use Black is White as your regular toothpaste one, two or three times a day. Black is White is your daily whitening toothpaste that replaces your everyday toothpaste.

How much time to brush your teeth?
Verify that the white strip of the tootbrush comes back to white.

For optimal results, do not rinse, drink or eat during at least 15 minutes after brushing.


Free of whitening agents such as peroxide.
Free of abrasive ingredients.
Free of irritating ingredients such as SLS* or Triclosan.

Instead of sanding teeth, the Black is White whitening toothpaste remove stains softly using activated carbon.

*SLS: sodium lauryl sulphate


Black is White toothpaste contains a blue filter that filters yellow colors: the brightness of your teeth will then be enhanced.


Black is White contains fluoride and hydroxyapatite.

Contains what…?
Fluoride fight cavities. Hydroxyapatite promotes healthier gums and protects against tooth sensitivity.

Safe for the environment

Gluten free

Not tested on animals

Safe for kids, pregnant women,

orthodontic braces and implants

Woman holding Black is White products


5,100 ultra-soft bristles of 0.1mm made of CUREN® instead of nylon to clean 100% of your teeth. No exception.

Did you know that you do not need to apply a strong pressure on your toothbrush to clean them perfectly? Let the bristles do the work for you!


Eight edges
A handle with eight edges: easier to use the toothbrush at the right angle.


Nostalgic & consistent
Classic and timeless. An appealing design.

A non-abrasive whitening toothpaste with activated carbon

1 x Black is White toothpaste tube (90 ml)
1 x Black is White toothbrush

Helps to reduce caries

Swiss premium activated charcoal that adsorbs stains & toxins

Non-abrasive (RDA of 76)

Non-irritating, without sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan

Hydroxyapatite, for healthy gums & against tooth sensitivity and sodium monofluorophosphate against cavities

Neutral pH

Refreshing mint taste

Direction for use:
Adults and children 2 years & older
Three times a day
1. Brush with a film of toothpaste. Expectorate.
2. Do not eat, drink or rinse for 30 minutes.

Medicinal ingredients:
Sodium monofluorophosphate (0.723%)
Potassium thiocyanate (0.02%)

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Aqua, sorbitol, glycerin, hydrated silica, charcoal powder, aroma, argilla, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium monofluorophosphate,
tocopherol, mica, xanthan gum, hydroxyapatite (nano), titanium dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, potassium acesulfame, sodium benzoate, potassium chloride, potassium sorbate, menthyl lactate, methyl diisopropyl propionamide, ethyl menthane carboxamide, zea mays starch, stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, citrus limon peel oil, citric acid, lactoperoxidase, glucose
oxidase, amyloglucosidase, tin oxide, sodium bisulfite, hydrogenated lecithin, limonen, CI75810, CI77289.


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Customer Reviews

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Très satisfaite

Excellent produit. Excellente qualité­. Merci pour vos produits. J'ai vu des résultats très rapidement.

Très satisfait 5 Stars

Excellent produit il fonctionne très bien merci Oral Science pour vos produits de qualité
Je suis maintenant accroc :-))))

Black is White

The Curaprox toothbrush is super-soft, which is great for me, since I have a very sensitive mouth. The shape of the handle makes it very easy to brush my teeth.
I gave it a 4 star rating because, due to a matter unrelated to the toothpaste or toothbrush, I haven’t been able to use it enough to be able to comment on it’s whitening effect.

Great product

Great product! Toothbrush is fantastic! I just wish they had a fluoride free option.

Dentifrice Black & White

Très bon produit, je le recommande

Recommended & used by dental hygienists!



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