CURAPROX CPS «Prime» Plus Handy

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The most effective to remove dental plaque, with unsurpassed durability

5 brushes 
1 UHS 409 holder
1 protective cap

Prevent caries in the side of the teeth
Prevent gingivitis
Prevent periodontitis

Ultrafine bristles with the umbrella effect
Patented surgical wire for the smallest of gaps
High durability
Click system for all holders
Available in 5 sizes
It will access a space as small as 0.6mm and effectively clean a space as large as 2.0 mm

Directions for use:
1. Hold the brush at an angle.
2. Push it in a little, straighten it, push it right through.
3. Pull it out, you’re done.

CPS 06:
Accessibility: >0.6 mm / 
Effectivity: 2.2 mm

CPS 07:
Accessibility: >0.7 mm / Effectivity: 2.5 mm

CPS 08:
Accessibility: >0.8 mm / Effectivity: 3.2 mm

CPS 09:
Accessibility: >0.9 mm / Effectivity: 4.0 mm

CPS 011:
Accessibility: >1.1 mm / Effectivity: 5.0 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Curaprox CPS 06 Prime Plus Handy

I am extremely disappointed in this product! It is well packaged, but when I opened the package, the replacement cleaning attachments fell onto my much for keeping them absolutely hygienic. I only used the product between 4 teeth before it started to come apart. The cleaning bristles were exposing the wire near the base where the attachment clips into the handy holder. Then, the attachment piece bent and I was unable to use it. It was no better than one I could buy in a store. I threw out the entire purchase, kicking myself for wasting my money. I would not recommend this product to anyone! It is a choking risk and could also damage your gums and scratch the enamel on your teeth. I hope the Curaprox toothbrush that I purchased is better made!

Good morning Mrs. Lough, I would like to thank you for your recent order on-line. We always appreciate and value feedback from our clients so that we may continue to provide high quality products that aid with overall oral health. Please let me address some of your concerns below. I will be sending you, free of charge, a set of replacement interdental brushes as well as a small travelling case so that you may keep them more easily organized, neat and clean. You can expect to receive them within 3 to 5 business days. With regards to the wire itself, it is normal that you may see it through the bristles as it is made of ultra-thin surgical wire (as opposed to rigid white plastic like some other brands) so it may not necessarily camouflage as well. However, this special wire is extra strong as well as ultra-thin, making a single cleaning movement sufficient, simply once in and out and you’re done! This allows for an effective and gentle cleaning at the gum line without injury. With regards to your brushes bending, perhaps it was not the correct size used in that particular interdental space. It is highly recommended to have a dental professional measure each of your interdental spaces, as more often than not, you will need several different size brushes for your whole mouth. With that said, I will also be sending you, free of charge, our assorted package of brushes so that you may try one of each size to find the perfect fit for you. Lastly, the unique “click” system allows easy, yet secure, placement of the brush heads onto holders eliminating any risk of choking. I would recommend visiting to obtain even more detailed information as to the benefits of the Swiss made, Curaprox Interdental Brushes so you may have more information as to why they are so highly coveted over others in the market. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information. Thank you very much and have a great day. Melanie

tres bon service client,on peux parler a une personne


CURAPROX CPS «Prime» Plus Handy


Avec les autres tige dentaire que j’utilisais je ne pouvais passer partout dans ma dentition. Avec ces tiges je peux passer partout partout partout


Curaprox CPS «Prime» Plus Handy

Recommended & used by dental hygienists!

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