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The most effective to remove dental plaque, with unsurpassed durability

5 brushes
1 UHS 451 holder

Prevent caries in the side of the teeth
Prevent gingivitis
Prevent periodontitis

Ultrafine bristles with the umbrella effect
Patented surgical wire for the smallest of gaps
High durability
Click system for all holders
Available in 5 sizes
It will access a space as small as 0.6mm and effectively clean a space as large as 2.0 mm

Directions for use:
1. Hold the brush at an angle.
2. Push it in a little, straighten it, push it right through.
3. Pull it out, you’re done.

CPS 06:
Accessibility: >0.6 mm / 
Effectivity: 2.2 mm

CPS 07:
Accessibility: >0.7 mm / Effectivity: 2.5 mm

CPS 08:
Accessibility: >0.8 mm / Effectivity: 3.2 mm

CPS 09:
Accessibility: >0.9 mm / Effectivity: 4.0 mm

CPS 011:
Accessibility: >1.1 mm / Effectivity: 5.0 mm

Ontario & Québec: Up to 2-3 business days
All Other Provinces: Up to 5-7 business days

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Somewhat disappointed....

I tried to order certain brushes but only two of the four I wanted were available. I then went to the Curaprox CPS Prime Plus but only two in there were what I thought I was getting. I also ordered one package of Implants which ended up being the "soft" type but this was not shown on the advertising. I ordered your product as my dentist recommended them and he had given me samples to try. I liked them but not really satisfied with what I received.

Prescribed Wrong Size

I imagine these are great if you get the right size. The size my dentist told me to get was too big and I was left with swollen painful gums.

la brossette

Vraiment magique, va vraiment bien, la prochaine fois je prendrai un peu plus gros.

reçu 1 commande j'ai payés 2 numéros cps11. cps405

Déçu de recevoir 1 commande numéro CPS 11 couleur vert et payés 2 commandes.
Il me manque le numéro CPS 405 couleur rouge
Prescrit par mon dentiste.
J'attends le CPS 405 couleur rouge. la facture montre deux produits
15.99$ Plus 15.99$=31.98$
Taxes. 6.29$
Livraison 10.00$
Coût total: 48.27$

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